They accused Harris County officials of exceeding their constitutional authority.

They accused Harris County officials of exceeding their constitutional authority.

Internally, the downward trend cannot remain without consequences: AMD is trying to save personnel costs and is cutting thousands of jobs. In addition, the semiconductor manufacturer reduced orders from its contract manufacturer Globalfoundries. The renovation costs reduced profits by 90 million dollars, it was said. AMD – number two behind Intel in PC chips – is suffering from the fundamental upheavals in the PC industry. Users prefer to use smartphones and tablets, while AMD focuses on chips for classic desktop PCs, laptops and servers. Mobile devices have so far been dominated by the particularly energy-saving technology from British chip developer ARM.

AMD plans to incorporate this into its server processors soon. In addition, the first tablet computers with AMD processors on board should come onto the market in the first half of the year. In addition, the company secured a place in the gaming console segment. Overall, AMD boss Rory Read wants to reduce its dependency on the PC business, which is likely to be weak in the long term, and move into new device categories. AMD cannot expect a quick improvement in business.

For the current quarter, the group announced a drop in sales in a range of 6 to 12 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. On the stock exchange, the interim results from the final quarter sparked confidence: the AMD share nevertheless gained around two percent after the hours. It is possible that the current price gains were only a short-lived reflex: AMD papers had lost a good half of their value in the past year, which proves that things are not necessarily the best in the chipmaker industry outside of the PC business Texas Instruments (TI) interim report. The US chipmaker also announced quarterly sales above analysts’ expectations after the stock market closed, but at the same time warned of generally weak demand. For the last three months of 2012, the Infineon competitor reported a net profit of 264 million euros.

Known dollars. In the same period last year, TI had earned $ 298 million. The earnings per share are currently 23 cents. In the final quarter of 2012, sales fell to € 2.98 billion.

After $ 3.42 billion in the same period last year. However, the decline was still a little less severe than forecast. Analysts surveyed in advance had only 2.95 billion

TI shares initially fell slightly in after-hours trading. The US group had already radically cut its profit forecast in mid-December due to high costs for the upcoming corporate restructuring. The reduction was due to the 1700 job cuts announced in November.

Because of the weak demand, the chip company is also dampening its unprofitable business with cellular processors. Source:, mmo / dpa “Trump or Biden?biology essay help It’s getting tight. (Photo: REUTERS) Donald Trump stays in for four more years White House or does Joe Biden become president? The US presidential election will only be decided in a fraction of the 50 states. It could be dramatic again in Florida. In recent national polls, Joe Biden has five to nine percentage points ahead of Donald Trump and This gives rise to legitimate hopes that he will become the 46th President of the United States of America.

But this apparently comfortable tour has its pitfalls. For one thing, Trump turned a backlog four years ago. Second, the so-called “popular vote” is not decisive for the outcome of the election. “It is not the candidate with the most votes that wins, but with the most electors,” explains political scientist Christian Lammert from the John F Kennedy Institute at the Free University of Berlin in the ntv podcast “Another thing learned”. The American people vote its president only indirectly through the so-called “Electoral College”, the electoral body. The winner is the candidate who can collect 270 of these electoral votes. Each state sends a different number of voters depending on its population size. “The winner-takes-all principle is used in almost all countries.

This means that the candidate with the most votes gets all the electorate. Of course, that leads to distortions, “emphasizes Lammert. Such distortions brought Hillary Clinton out of the presidency.

It received almost 66 million votes in 2016, three million more than Donald Trump. However, Trump brought important “swing states” and in the end won with 304 to 227 voters. That was the fifth time in US history that the election winner has become president with fewer votes. That was also the case in 2000 between George W. Bush and Al Gore, before that three times in the 19th century.

Century. There are many US states in which neither Democrats nor Republicans have to campaign because one of the parties has a clear advantage, the result is more or less certain in advance. “Then you focus on those few states called Swing or Battleground States. There the race between Democrats and Republicans is traditionally close,” reports Lammert. Donald Trump can be sure of the votes of the electorate before this year’s election count nine states. Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming have always voted for the Republican candidate since 1968, and they are certain “Red States”.

In 1964, Lyondon B. Johnson was the last Democrat to prevail in the sparsely populated states. Trump is also countering a safe majority in Alabama and Mississippi, where the Republicans have been ahead since 1980. Nothing should burn in Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Tennessee and West Virginia. All in all, the incumbent president can safely plan with 19 states and their 117 voters.

There is still a long way to go to the magical 270; Joe Biden is next to the capital Washington D.C. 17 states that pass as democratic strongholds. These include populous California and New York, which together are already sending 84 voters. Then there are Washington and Oregon in the northwest, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia in the northeast of the states. From Joe Biden’s point of view, the initial situation is reassuring in Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico and Hawaii.

If the ex-vice president does not experience any surprises in these states, he will have 210 voters. The result is foreseeable in 36 of the 50 states, leaving only 14 states where the race is close. This includes, with some reservations, South Carolina and, somewhat surprisingly, Texas, where the Republicans have always won since 1980. “I would be careful to give the Democrats hope that they can win there because the Republicans still have an advantage in the polls,” said Lammert. However, the “Lone Star State” has changed because cities like Houston have grown and the “Democrats in these cities and especially in the suburbs mobilize very well.” The race is also close in Georgia, a red state since 1996, and in Iowa.

Trump also won here in 2016, but according to current surveys he is only slightly ahead. If he still wins in South Carolina, Texas, Georgia and Iowa, there would be 186 voters. With the Democrats, of the 20 states that went to them in the last election, three are at risk. In Minnesota, where the race was particularly tight four years ago, Biden has an average of almost ten percentage points ahead of all polls.

In New Hampshire and Nevada it is only five to six percentage points ahead. If it stays that way, Biden would have 233 of the necessary 270 voters. That leaves seven highly competitive states: Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. If Biden wins four of these states, he will definitely be the new US president. In 2016, Trump won Pennsylvania by a few thousand votes over Hillary Clinton.

Biden is currently just ahead of the game, but a four percentage point lead in the polls is an uncertain sheet. “Biden was born in Pennsylvania, but moved to Delaware with his parents quite early. Trump is currently trying to take advantage of that. He says Biden abandoned Pennsylvania.

Surveys are currently showing that things are not looking bad for the Democrats here, but not good either, “says Lammert. Many voters would still believe in Trump and his promises, the US expert explains.” This also applies to Michigan and Wisconsin, where there is a lot of steel and auto industries. Here, too, the Democrats must try to win back the white working class. They still have problems at the moment. “According to surveys, the race in Ohio is even more competitive. Biden’s lead is an average of two percentage points.

In North Carolina and Florida, the key state par excellence, it also boils down to a coin toss. Especially since the “Sunshine State” is always good for a close election result. The duel between George W. Bush and Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election is legendary.

With almost six million votes cast, Bush ended up with 537 (!) Votes ahead of Gore. Over the course of weeks, the numbers were counted again and again, and the end result is still controversial today. A repetition of the election drama is not excluded in 2020. “It depends very much on Florida. Whoever wins there has very good chances. If Biden wins, the election is almost over”, predicts Lammert. “Biden had an advantage, but Trump has caught up massively in recent weeks. This is mainly due to the Hispanic population, which is very heterogeneous in Florida.” In addition, the Cuban community is on Trump’s side, “because he is back on his tough course towards Cuba.

That goes down well with this group of voters. “On the other hand, there are also many people in Florida who have fled natural disasters.” Many come from the US suburb of Puerto Rico, so they already have the right to vote, “explains Lammert The question is whether the Democrats can mobilize these and other groups of voters sufficiently. If that does not succeed, many votes for Joe Biden could fall by the wayside. “Another factor is the pensioners.

Florida is the pensioner state, there are some gated communities there. “Traditionally, the retirees would vote Republican, but as a high-risk group, many are deterred by Trump’s corona policy, reports the political scientist. The candidate has always moved into the White House since 1996, who won Florida. If Joe Biden also brings Ohio, he is there, especially since “Buckeye State” has the best series of all US states. Since the 1964 election, whoever was victorious in Ohio has always been president.

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How does North Korea’s Youtube propaganda work? And why can sausage sandwiches spread African swine fever? Have a listen and get a little smarter three times a week. Source: “Harris County is one of the largest constituencies in Texas. (Photo: AP) In the close race in Texas, these votes could be decisive: 120,000 ballot papers already submitted, theirs Republican activists deny validity.

The state’s highest court orders them to count. But the dispute is not yet resolved. The Republicans in the US state of Texas suffered a legal setback shortly before the US presidential election. The Texas Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit by a conservative group led by activist Steve Hotze against the validity of more than 120,000 votes already cast in Harris County.

This allows so-called drive-through votes in one of the largest electoral districts in the country, where voters can cast their ballot papers into the appropriate urns from the car. The legal dispute is not yet settled with the judgment. A federal court should decide on Monday. Hotze and the Republican MP in Texas, Steve Toth, had sued. They accused Harris County officials of exceeding their constitutional authority.

Due to the corona pandemic, they had allowed drive-through votes as an alternative. Harris County is the third most populous county in the United States with approximately 4.7 million people. It currently has ten drive-through polling stations that are available to all voters.

The plaintiffs called on federal judge Andrew Hanen to “reject any vote they believed to have violated Texas electoral law.” Hanen was appointed by the then Republican President George W. Bush and is considered very conservative. The request was “completely unreasonable”, it said against it from the camp of the Democrats.

Republican President Donald Trump must fear for his office in the November 3rd election. According to opinion polls, his challenger Joe Biden from the Democrats leads nationwide. If he wins Texas, he has a good chance of winning the election. Most recently, a close race has emerged in the traditionally conservative state.

Source:, mbo / rts “” News and information at a glance. Collection of articles from on the subject of Texas Instruments The business of the chip specialist Texas Instruments continues to grow with the trend towards networking everyday devices. Texas Instruments is benefiting more and more from having left the highly competitive smartphone and tablet chip market. The latest quarterly figures make this clear. With the European competitor STMicro, things are very different.

Texas Instruments recorded a decline in sales in the past quarter. Nevertheless, the US chipmaker’s profits are growing faster than expected. Even better data are expected for the second quarter. The weakness of the PC industry continues to give the chip company AMD a hard time.

At the end of 2012, the California-based company is reporting deep red figures again. The number two behind Intel is now relying on new types of server processors – and on the tablet market. Texas Instruments is struggling with the poor market environment.